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Our Mission

Founded in 2016, the idea for Squanch Games was living in the brain of Justin Roiland for multiple years before the studio got properly started up. A gamer his whole life, he awoke to the idea of doing game design once he played with an Oculus DK2 headset. The possibilities of the technology and how it could be used for comedy combined with great gameplay was super exciting.

Justin reached out to multiple potential developers, including Crows Crows Crows for the opportunity to collaborate and to just make some funny and fun stuff in VR.

In 2016, Justin met up with Tanya Watson, who after leaving Epic Games after 10 years there working on games like Gears of War, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite, was eager to get into the VR space herself. So with their powers combined, they formed to create Squanch Games.

We want to make stuff that people love. Games that we want to play ourselves. Experiences that we would like to be totally immersed in and enjoy for hours at a time, as well as shorter, crazier experiences that would be great to play with a group of friends or possibly with stray homeless people that you invited in so you could feed and bathe them. So come join us. Be a part of Squanch Games. Make games with us! or start saving your pennies up so you can purchase them when they come out. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Justin and Tanya on the stage at D.I.C.E. 2017 talking about their approach to making memorable and humorous games for the VR world. 

We just want to make super duper games dooood
— Justin Roiland

About the Founders

Justin Roiland grew up in Manteca, California where he did the basic stuff children do. Later in life, he traveled to Los Angeles. Once settled in, he created several popular online shorts for Channel 101. Some notable examples of his work (both animated and live action) include House of Cosbys and Two Girls One Cup: The Show. Justin is afraid of his mortality and hopes the things he creates will make lots of people happy. Then maybe when modern civilization collapses into chaos, people will remember him and they’ll help him survive the bloodshed and violence. Global economic collapse is looming. It’s going to be horrible, and honestly, a swift death may be preferable than living in the hell that awaits mankind. Justin also really hates writing about himself in the third person. I hate this. That’s right. It’s me. I’ve been writing this whole thing. Hi. The cat’s out of the bag. It’s just you and me now. There was never a third person. If you want to know anything about me, just ask. Sorry this wasn’t more informative.

Tanya Watson grew up in the small town of Spanaway, WA, where there was not a lot of expendable income. At the age of 6, she somehow persuaded her mom that all dad wanted for Christmas was an NES. She will never forget her dad’s excitement when he saw this box under the tree and didn’t at all notice his disappointment when he opened it to find that it was not the drill set that he wanted, but instead, an NES. Tanya would like to thank her mom - her future was powered by her dad’s disappointment.  This decision put Tanya on a path of playing and loving the types of games she would eventually work on; first landing a sweet gig as a tester in the RPG group at Microsoft and then parlaying into production at Epic Games after working as a test-lead on Gears of War. Over the next ten years, she worked her way up from Associate Producer to Executive Producer on Unreal Tournament 3, Gears 2 and 3, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite.