The Epic Mega Sale just dropped and instead of worrying about how you’ll pay rent, feed your kids, or afford healthcare, you should go pre-order Trover Saves the Universe right now!

This is an EPIC deal for real, and we’re tellin’ everyone about it. Trover wasn’t going to be on sale any time soon, but Epic is throwin’ this sick event that can get you an extra 10 dollars off Trover right now. Don’t fuck this up!

Head on over to the Epic Games Trover store page before this deal disappears.

This is like…decent? It’s worth it? Yeah?
Yeah. Cool.

Trover Saves the Universe comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 31, then PC via Steam and Epic Game Store on June 4.

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- Squanch Games

Bundle of Awesome!


We’re tum-tickled to confirm that Trover Saves the Universe can be found in a PS VR bundle, along with Five Nights at Freddy’s, on May 31st — the same day that Trover hits PlayStation 4!

That’s right, you could snag a PS VR headset, a PlayStation camera, the new VR demo disc, and digital game vouchers for the hilarious Trover Saves the Universe and the terrifying Five Nights at Freddy’s.

If that sounds as wicked cool to you as it does to us, check out more details on the bundle here!


Trover Saves the Universe is a comedy adventure game from Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, and Squanch Games. Your pups are dog-napped and you gotta team up with Trover to save the cosmos from a beaked lunatic.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s, made by our friends at Steel Wool Studios, you must survive terrifying encounters with murderous animatronics in both new and classic FNAF experiences.

They’re both butt-sweat inducing in different ways!


If you’d prefer to experience Trover, on PlayStation 4, up close and personal with dem eye-holes of yours, this is a great way to snag the headset along with a copy of the game!

No matter where or how you play — PlayStation 4 or PC — TV or VR — you’re in for a bizarre adventure that we can’t wait to unleash.


-Squanch Games

One Flap, Two Flap, Green Flap, Blue Flap

Oooo-Weee Art!

Last week on Instagram we made a post for Squanch Sketch Club, and the response has been SO RAD! Sketch Club is a community activity where we post a prompt on Instagram for anyone and everyone to draw something relating to our word or phrase. Once finished, you simply tag us and use the hashtag #squanchsketchclub to share it with your fellow Squanchies.

So many super cool artists, including the crew here at Squanch, participated this past week with our prompt “FLAP”.

Even our head creative squancho Justin Roiland joined in on the fun!


Squanch Sketch Club was originated by our Art Director, Mikey Spano, as a way to get people out of their comfort zone.

“I started Sketch Club to encourage people to have fun and to get over the hurdle of sharing your art. I really wanted people to have no fear or shame, and to feel comfortable taking a break and doing fun little doodles that we could all enjoy.

Not everyone can draw well by traditional standards, especially at first, but that's what makes it fun!”

Thus its inception! ...conception? ...something-ception.

Our devs, both artists and non-artists alike, took a whack at the idea for this week and here’s what they had to share:

Sketch Club had taken a brief hiatus so we could focus on Trover Saves the Universe, but with the game due out soon — May 31st on PS4, June 4th on PC — we felt it was time to get them creative juices flowin’ again.

With such an influx of wild entries this round we felt that featuring only a few was not enough! We won’t be able to always show off everyone’s drawings, for this occasion, we wanted to share just a few of the ones we’ve seen as a thank you for such flapping support!

Keep making Squanch-erific art!


-Squanch Games

PAX East 2019 RECAP

WOW-EE PAX East is over…

The love for Trover was out of this universe and our tum tums are filled with the warm fuzzies from it all! Big phat thank you to everyone that came out to see us at PAX East this past weekend.

If you weren’t able to join us on Thursday, check out the video of our Comedy in Games panel hosted by Justin Roiland. We had some super rad guests from Borderlands 3, Double Fine, Pocket Morty’s, Octodad, and Cyanide & Happiness, PLUS, some previously unreleased trailer concepts from the deepest darkest depths of the Squanch Games vault.

Plus, you’ll be able to find Trover in Pocket Morty’s soon!

These past four days were just jam packed with games and friends. Here are some delicious articles for Trover Saves the Universe which you can pre-order now!

We’re excited about the amount of love and support Trover’s received thus far! Here’s just a taste…

“Trover got more audible, involuntary laughter out of me”. - IGN

”Everything has this strong cohesive sense of belonging.” - UploadVR

“We went hands-on with Trover, and it left us doubled over… in a good way.” - Game Informer

We hope you had the squanchiest of times with us! Get some sleep, eat an orange, and hug your four-legged friend.

Special thanks to Adult Swim for making this such a great PAX East!


-Squanch Games

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Pre-Orders, PAX, and Power Babies, OH MY!


The news you have been waiting for is OUT and Pre-Orders are LIVE! We got a BRAND NEW TRAILER right here for your eyehole pleasure!

That’s right man, Trover Saves the Universe is proudly smacking you in the face on May 31st via PlayStation 4 and PSVR, then June 4th on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam!

Our butts are sweaty with excitement and we hope yours are too.
Pop on over to pre-order Trover now!

Free this weekend? Want an early peek? Join us at PAX East where you can play our new demo, grab some free power baby sunglasses, and shringle into the cosmos with some sweet merch. On Thursday we have a super special Comedy in Games panel, hosted by Justin Roiland, at 4:30pm ET in the Main Theater. Can’t make it? It’ll be live on Twitch!


Take a look! Prevent the jelly growing deep down inside by grabbing some this weekend before Glorkon gets his beefy hands on it….

-Squanch Games

Trover on Tour with Squanch and Justin Roiland

Come on Tr-Over!

Hey-O Squanchies! Splzooshly here has some tum tickling news to share with you about where we are headed this month!

You heard him, now come see us!

If you can’t join us at GDC, tickets for PAX East are still available and you won’t want to miss out on our sweet sweet booth and the super rad Comedy Panel featuring the delicious Justin Roiland!

Can’t make it to the panel? Don’t panic, It will be LIVE on Twitch! So no excuses.

Watch it with your eye-holes.


-Squanch Games

Happy Holidays from Squanch Games!

Happy Holidays from Squanch Games!

We have so many exciting things to tell you, but FIRST: Here’s our Squanchin’ holiday card to you! Thanks for sticking around and following our studio through our humble beginnings. We can’t wait to show you our strange, precious little alien baby of a game Trover Saves the Universein VR or on your TV in 2019!