Ingenious Applications and Creations Y'all!

Ingenious Applications and Creations Y'all!

When we announced Squanchtendo and made a call for applications we had no idea how much awesomeness and creativity was about to blow up our inbox and our Twitter page. We're starting to dig our way out of the pile of talented resumes, art, videos and strange inquiries so we thought we might share a few of these creations. Check them out below:


GTFO! It's a stop motion animation puppet of Little Splzooshly by @KungFuDork


Harry's comic application really opened our eyes to a new platform for VR.


This application from @marmalade_tim is actually IN VR! WHAT. Amazing.


A "Virtual Resume" game environment that we can walk around in by Jerry Denton. Lots of Easter eggs hidden in the scene too!


Accounting fan art by @ZackFinfrock.

But seriously, get out of our tree world.


It's the Squanchtendo logo dudes hangin' out in an animated 3D model also viewable in VR by Jeremy Behm. Sweet!


Little Splzooshly makes another cameo in Xander's comic application. Rated S for Squanchtastic.

Thank you to all of the folks who have applied or created fan art for us so far.

If YOU would like to apply to work with us at Squanchtendo please take a look at our job listings and email your resume to We are currently hiring in LA and Raleigh and are especially on the lookout for talented Animators and Programmers.