Meet Matty Studivan

Meet Matty Studivan


Squanchtendo has a new Producer y’all!

Matty Studivan not only worked on Rock Band, but was in ACTUAL rock bands, the most recent being “Radio Control” that he founded with his wife. Somehow he resisted the temptation to put “Rock Star” on his resume despite his legitimate claim to the title.

A Massachusetts native, Matty grew up in a small town called Hudson. The closest thing he had to siblings were two capuchin helper monkeys that his family fostered before they went on to fulfill their destiny helping people who are quadriplegic.

He spent his childhood playing all the classic SNES RPG adventure games he could get his hands on. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana and some other lesser revered titles like Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Secret of Evermore.

Although he always loved games, he never really had the thought to make them his career. He instead pursued a BFA in Acting from Emerson College. However, he’s always been a Producer at heart. After college he created a performance & literary zine. It ran every two weeks for two years and grew to a staff of nine people. He was also responsible for booking all of the tours for his band; the longest of which was 13 shows over 14 days.

The majority of Matty’s career was spent at Harmonix where he worked on titles like Dance Central 1,2, and 3, Rock Band 3 and most recently Harmonix Music VR for the PSVR and SingSpace for the GearVR.

He got his start at Harmonix by chance: he was living in Boston and heard that a friend of a friend needed someone to fill a User Researcher role and had just enough experience to fit the bill. Matty credits his awesome mentors and friends at the company with helping him learn the ropes and grow to become a Senior Producer.

Matty also loves bike riding, his dog Sadie and cat Bebe, and the game Earthbound. He actually has a sweet Mr. Saturn tattoo!

Below are some rad photos of Matty and his wife rocking out and their two fur children:

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