Meet Anthony Bosco!

Meet Anthony Bosco

Our Narrative Editor Anthony Bosco has a very important role at Squanchtendo. It’s his job to take all of the hilarious ramblings of Justin Roiland, cut up the audio files, and make sense of them all in video game form. He’s also our resident authority on fried chicken.

Bosco hails from Chicago, Illinois. His industry origin story is a strange one and involves working in film and video games simultaneously. He attended college for literally only half of one  orientation day before peacing out. With college in his rear view mirror, Bosco needed to make something happen fast. So he did what any reasonable person would do and started calling around asking to intern for famous directors and filmmakers.

After mostly being cast off as a crazy person, his perseverance paid off and he was eventually given an internship with legendary director Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame. He sold his car, packed his bags and moved to California with $500 in his pocket. The internship was unpaid in the beginning so he started working nights at Activision doing QA for a few projects. After focusing on his film and TV career for a while, he returned to Activision in 2015 and traveled the world for marketing events.

Anthony’s favorite things include skateboarding, comic books, and music. He especially loves going to shows and collecting The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson’s original albums on vinyl. He’s a huge cinephile and says the movies are his happy place. His favorite local theater is The Vista in LA, where sits in the 5th row, 5th seat, so he’s always perfectly centered with the projector. He’s a huge fan of Howlin Rays Hot Chicken and eats there every single weekend. “The best fried chicken you will ever eat” he claims.

Before you think this whole thing was just an advertisement for Howlin Rays, we present you with proof of his genuine devotion in the form of a fried chicken skateboard:

*A store he doesn't actually own in Japan

*A store he doesn't actually own in Japan

We’re not saying you should drop out of college after a single day, but it worked out for Bosco! And we’re glad it did. Maybe you can learn something from his impulsive behavior by working with him here at Squanchtendo. Fresh job listings are available now!