Meet JD Cragg

Say hello to Squanchtendo’s Senior Artist, JD Cragg!

JD Cragg.jpg

JD grew up in the small town of Clayton, Georgia and knew by the age of 15 that he wanted to be a 3D artist. He got started making 3D models for Battlefield 1942 mods and then went on to get a degree at Full Sail University for Computer Animation. He got a job working for Ubisoft Red Storm right out of the gate and stayed there for the past 8 years, until joining Tanya and Justin on their quest for VR greatness. He was the Lead Weapons, Vehicles, and Character Artist on Tom Clancy’s The Division!

That’s good enough, right? Rockstar artist at a video game company? Not for JD. He also has to be a racecar driver, because he’s living the dream like that. In his spare time, JD builds race cars and drives them in long endurance races while blaring heavy metal. Like a boss.

Here’s a picture of the car he drives with his team, Winsome Racing.


Welcome JD!

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