Unreal Engine Programmers Wanted: Check out our programming test

Yes this is a picture of one of Justin's slides from his VRLA keynote. Thanks  @ The_BenMears

Yes this is a picture of one of Justin's slides from his VRLA keynote. Thanks @The_BenMears

Imagine if an improv group met a game company and they shared a beer.  Our goal is to make moments which entertain and delight our players with new experiences throughout the entire game.  We’re building a set of reusable tools and technology to reduce the time between coming up with unique one off ideas and getting to play it in the game.  We are looking for flexible minds that are excited to make great VR game experiences for our players. Does that sound like you? Want to work with us?

Take a look at our programming test below and send us a job application after reviewing the job listing. Can't wait to hear from you. 


1. Take your favorite scene from Rick and Morty.  Walk through at a high level what gameplay systems would be needed to create it in a VR experience.  Haven’t watched Rick and Morty?  I would watch Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 1 Episode 8.

2. Pick any object in your home. How would you improve it?  Do you see any challenges in making this improvement?

3. Write the following function in C assuming that you don’t have access to any of the standard string library functions.

int CountNumWordsInSentence(const char* InString);

For the sake of time, you can assume input is only A-Z and spaces.  No special characters.  The input doesn’t need to be a proper english sentence.

Here are some examples:

“A BIG DOG” returns 3

“A” returns 1

“  BC “ returns 1