Meet Jeff Dixon

Meet Jeff Dixon

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Squanchtendo’s Technical Director (he prefers “Feature Creep Guy”), Jeff Dixon comes to us from Riot Games where he was a Senior Software Engineer on the little-known MOBA, League of Legends. Jeff has worked on over 20 titles across consoles, handhelds, and PC. His first industry interview was at Looking Glass, where he demoed an early version of System Shock. During the demo, the network went down and he fixed it for them on the spot. Job offer immediately acquired.

Jeff has known he wanted to make games since he was eight years old, playing Donkey Kong on the Colecovision. He loved the awesome powerful feeling of smashing barrels with a hammer and wanted to create something that gave others that feeling too. Now he has three little button-mashing barrel-smashing kids of his own: Riley, Hailey, and Elliot.

In addition to playing video games and board games, Jeff loves playing piano, gardening, and giving hugs. He enjoys being outdoors and finding interesting places in nature that invite exploration. 

Jeff also might be a robot because when he thinks really hard, he overheats and has to run fans on his ankles to continue programming. We’ll keep you guys posted if he goes Terminator on us.

Here’s a neato picture from Jeff’s adventures. A house built on the end of a railroad bridge in Maine:

You can say hello to Jeff here on his Twitter.

Or, maybe you’d like to join him and code your way to greatness? Squanchtendo is hiring a programmer and a designer right now!