Meet John Beauchemin

Meet John Beauchemin


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Our new Senior Animator John Beauchemin has left his mark on a variety of games and studios over the years. He shipped over 15 games at THQ alone and then went on to do freelance work for several other studios including Irrational Games and Harmonix.

Hailing from Rhode Island, John got his background in Classical (2D) Animation at Vancouver Film School in Canada and the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art in New Jersey and then fired off his portfolio everywhere he could. It eventually landed him a gig with a video game startup and he built a career from there.

John is a Harley-riding, gun-shooting, permanent beard-wearing kind of guy. He feels right at home at our studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. His favorite video games are shooters and town-builder strategy games. He also just happens to really love cats and photography. Send him cat pictures and or adoptable cat links, okay Internet? You know what to do.

Check out his sweet ride and art below:

Don’t forget our Squanchy crew is still looking for a new Programmer, matey. So how about you get to work on our programming test and show us your stuff?