Meet Kevin Liao

Meet Kevin Liao


Squanchtendo’s newest Programmer Kevin Liao is a self- described “generic asian guy, 6'1, has bad vision, loves coffee/tea”. A “normal nerd”. We’ve read enough comic books to know that he’s hiding a secret identity.

Kevin’s first video game console was the SNES and Super Mario World was the game that got him hooked for life. Despite his parent’s pressure to become a doctor, Kevin pursued Computer Science in high school and eventually got his degree in it at the University of California, San Diego. His career path was only briefly interrupted by the desire to make films in high school. The product of this is apparently lurking on YouTube somewhere waiting to be discovered.

Insomniac Games picked up Kevin straight out of college and it was there he became blood brother to Erich Meyr our Lead Designer. They bonded over the creation of Song of the Deep, Bad Dinos, Sunset Overdrive and more. They probably have a really cool bff handshake.

Kevin has two puppers, a Corgi named Pudge and a Shiba named Sven. He loves playing video games, board games, Magic the Gathering and badminton. His only known superpowers are the ability to solve work problems while trying to fall asleep and cutting his own hair. He drew this rad Soul Calibur fan art once, but otherwise sticks to programming:

Want to come work with Kevin and the rest of our Squanch team? We’re still looking out for your application HERE. Join us!