Meet Sarah Doukakos

Meet Sarah Doukakos

Our newest Game Designer, Sarah Doukakos, has an impressive array of powers and abilities. She puts a lot of points in strength, agility and intelligence. Her uncanny ability to detect the presence of a spider nearby also comes in handy at the office.

Sarah grew up partly in Minnesota, partly in Michigan and partly in the Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog. Her background is in English where she learned to tear apart and reassemble a piece of art, not unlike designing game systems. She previously created games for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and a VR startup in Canada.

In her spare time Sarah levels up her boxing skills, teaches herself to build electronics, plays video games and reads obscene amounts of video game lore. Her favorite games include Bloodborne, Borderlands 2, and Night in the Woods. She loves getting her hands on games with unique storytelling through gameplay or strong female protagonists.

Sarah shared these pictures of the handheld emulator she made from scratch (assembling components, soldering and all). In a post-apocalyptic scenario, she would be prepared to continue the vital gaming that fuels her.


Come join Sarah in her mission to create badass VR games with us! Here’s the latest positions we’re hoping to fill: