Meet Logan Wagoner

Meet Logan Wagoner

Logan (1).jpg

Looking at his portfolio, it’s hard to imagine that this is Logan Wagoner’s first job making video games. Thankfully, our Lead Artist Mikey Spano saw some of his art hanging in a local restaurant in Raleigh and stole him away from his former cubicle life.

Logan hails from the charming little fishing town of Oriental, North Carolina where he learned to love the outdoors. He’s into camping, hiking, kayaking and even carves and assembles his own axes. Real life weapon crafting, y’all! He has taken up playing the banjo, if only to scare his neighbors with a little Deliverance-style song late at night. To complete the package, he’s also called upon for his level 300 cooking skills.

Not only does Logan have a BFA and MFA in Illustration, but he’s also an online Illustration professor at his alma mater, East Carolina University. He and his wife ran away to Scotland to get hitched and have two dogs, Remus and Riley, and Gipsy (a cat that thinks she’s a dog.) They recently started a printed goods company together Catawampus Press. Their first showing was at the recent Raleigh Supercon comic convention.

Here is one of Logan’s recent illustrations entitled “The Cave” and a pretty sweet hatchet he made:

The Cave (1).JPG
L.Wagoner-Hatchet (1).jpg

Think you just might be crazy enough to come work with Logan and the rest of our Squanch Squad? We haven’t stopped growing our team yet! Head over here to look at the new job listings.