Meet James McDermott

Meet James McDermott

Our new Senior Concept Designer James McDermott may be a noob to the game industry, but he has some pretty incredible credentials in the animation world. James has formerly worked for Adult Swim, Disney, FOX, Nickleodeon, TBS and Starz; sharing his talents as Art Director on Disney’s Future Worm and with Justin Roiland on Rick and Morty season 1 and 2.

His first big break into animation was on Fox’s “King of the Hill” as a Character Layout Artist. He originally interviewed for a background concept art position. His portfolio was slam full of background art with one flip book of a naked dude chucking a spear thrown in at the end. The flip book sealed his fate as an animator and character designer ever since.

James is a rare breed: both born and raised in Los Angeles. He lives there with his wife and two boys, four year old Jack and four month old Max. In addition to his art career, he has been leading mountain climbing excursions in the Sierra Nevada for over 20 years. He also enjoys scuba diving and finds loads of inspiration for his art in the strange world below the sea. His hidden talent is grilling food so delicious that it converted his formerly vegetarian wife to an omnivore.

He shared this amazing painting that he created after spending a week on the Amazon River:

We are super excited to reunite James and Justin to make some hilarious VR magic. How would you like to be our next recruit? Check out the latest job listings and send us that resume, stat!