Meet Jeremy Behm

Meet Jeremy Behm

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You might remember a little blog post we did a while back about some of the crazy amazing art people sent us when we announced our studio? One of those fine fellows, Jeremy Behm, recently became our new Junior 3D Artist!

Jeremy never formally went to school for 3D modeling. He just went straight to work teaching himself to make models for the Steam Workshop. He has over 400 models available there! It’s kind of insane. He even has a few models that shipped with Team Fortress 2.

Growing up, he spent half of his life in New Jersey and the other half in Pennsylvania before moving to Durham, North Carolina three years ago on a whim. It ended up working out pretty well for him, as Squanchtendo formed around the corner in Raleigh. Some may call it destiny.

His hobbies are sculpting, rock climbing and 3D printing. He’s also into also into crazy weird clothing by Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto. His favorite game series of all time is Dead Space and his recent favorite games are SOMA and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Upon news of our studio opening, Jeremy created this rad 3D animated model of characters from our announcement and sent it along with his resume. Nine months and an interview or two later, he has a cozy desk in our downtown Raleigh studio. Check out his 3D model of our hangin’ out VR pals below:

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