Meet Alex Romo!

Meet Alex Romo!


Our games are full of ridiculous narrative story moments and wacky combat; all of which need systems and mechanics to make them work seamlessly. As a Designer here at Squanch Games, Alex Romo helps us make all of those awesome things happen. Formerly from Treyarch Studios, Alex worked on Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, 2 and 3 before moving on to work at The Rogue Initiative, an indie VR startup.

Alex is an avid VR fan, born and raised in Chicago. With a passion for deep dish pizza, The Cubs, and video games, young Alex spent his formative years in the arcade or movie theater lobby playing Time Crisis, Silent Scope, Terminator 2 and more. He cites the physicality of arcade games, with their gun controllers and foot pedals, as the gateway to his excitement for VR. Story-driven games like Kings Quest, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Call of Duty, and Half Life inspired him to one day create his own narrative experiences in games. Throughout high school Alex would create custom maps and mods in the Call of Duty community as a hobby.

Originally, Alex wanted to work in film as an animator--inspired by Toy Story and Rankin-Bass stop-motion productions like Jack Frost or The Year Without a Santa Claus. He pursued a major in Computer Game Development and minor in Digital Cinema, where he was exposed to several areas of game design and film making. He eventually landed an internship at Treyarch with the attention gained from his Call of Duty mods.

Alex enjoys hiking every weekend in Southern California. Griffith Park is his favorite because there are great views of Burbank, Downtown LA, and Hollywood. He also loves to spend time with his daughter, who gets to play way more video games than he does these days. They also enjoy tea parties, visiting the park, and watching The Little Mermaid on repeat together. If he’s not working, hiking, or living the Dad life, he’s usually found at a local music show checking out whatever kind of music that is playing that evening.

He shared with us some of his panorama shots from his hiking adventures:


Welcome aboard the S.S. Squanch Alex! Want to join Alex on this quest to make super weird but incredible games with us? Check out our jobs page and send us your resume!