Accounting+ Soundtrack

The crew at Crows Crows Crows just released the Accounting+ soundtrack by Silkersoft! Now you can get down like a demon summoner to the Ritual Rap or play those bones anytime you want. You can download it here or check out this video with all of the tracks:

ACCOUNTING+ Original Soundtrack Buy digitally: Composed and produced by Tom Schley (Silkersoft) Cover art by Dominik Johann Vocals on Track 8 by Justin Roiland, Cassie Steele and Joe Finegold Vocals and Text for Tracks 12 and 13 by Casper (Benjamin Griffey) Casper is published by: 25/8 Musikverlag / BMG Rights Management 00:00 Accounting 01:37 Tree World 04:10 Tree Guy's Theme 07:16 Cool Gang O.S.T.