Meet Colby Wahl!

Meet Colby Wahl!

You know that feeling you get in a VR game when it seems like you’ve been transported to a whole new world or planet? A big part of that experience is the result of a skilled environment artist like our new hire, Colby Wahl.

Colby is one of the lucky people that knew what he wanted to do in life since he was 10 years old. Creating video games has always been his career goal. It just so happened that his school in the small town of Powell, Ohio had a 3D computer graphics course that introduced him to 3D modeling before he even entered college.

He got his start in the game industry at a company called Studio Roqovan where he worked on the PSVR game World War Toons. He has also worked at a visual effects house, The Resistance, on the movie Sky Hunter which he lovingly dubbed “Chinese Top Gun”. Before all of that, he won $10,000 in an Oculus contest for his independent VR Game Jam project Phase Shift. Woooo-wee! That’s a lot of dough.

Much of his free time lately is spent on competitive games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, but his favorite series of all time are The Mass Effect trilogy and Portal series. He also loves going to art and science museums with his fiance and obsessing over space exploration. He plans to be there when the first rocket ship launches to send humans to Mars. Hopefully, on the ground and not in the rocket ship. We don’t currently have plans for a Squanch Games Mars headquarters, but never say never.

Other fun facts about Colby: his three cats are named after Star Trek characters (Jim, Kira and Spock), he can play the Trombone, Cello and Cymbals, and despite popular belief, his middle name is not Jack, it’s Patrick. What a missed opportunity on his parent’s part.

He would like to share these fantastic examples of his environment art and evidence of how adorable his cats are:


We need more cool people like Colby to come join our party. Head on over to our jobs page and see if you’ve got the skills we are looking for!