Meet Dave Gardner!

Meet Dave Gardner


After many years at Double Fine studios, Dave Gardner joined Squanch Games as Senior Animator. He worked on just about every project at Double Fine since Brutal Legend, including Broken Age, The Cave, Costume Quest and many more!

Dave is an avid gamer and has known he wanted to work in the game industry since he was 12. He got his start working at Sony on a game called Rise to Honor and then went on to work on Starcraft Ghost and Conan at Nihilistic Software before moving on to Double Fine.

A California native who grew up in Laguna Beach, Dave moved out to Raleigh, North Carolina expecting to see nothing but tractors and cows. He was disappointed by how progressive and modern he found it to be (we even have electricity and running water!), so he found a little farm 15 minutes from downtown to live out his rural dream. Now his neighbors consist of horses, geese, deer and other woodland animals and he feels like a Disney princess.

Dave’s favorite hobby is collecting hobbies. His personality is a series of weird facts, random contradictions and strange interests. Some of them include “sailing, motorcycle riding and repair, being zen, piano, golf, baseball, cooking, eating, eating, cooking, eating, eating, and eating.” If he could only eat one kind of food for the rest of his life it would be Persian food. He also loves anime, especially from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, and claims he can watch every episode of Sliders without sleeping.

He sent us some photos of his life down on the farm and at Squanch East:


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