Meet Steve Cha!

Meet Steve Cha!


Hey Squanchlings! We want to introduce you to a pretty rad person on our team named Steve Cha. He’s a Narrative Designer. He says he’s not exactly sure what his title means but it makes him sound smart, and that’s what’s important.

Steve has a pretty unique background. He grew up in San Jose, CA and double majored in Communications and English, which he says made him doubly unemployable. He landed a job as a film industry journalist, a career that Steve would recommend to anyone looking to foster a sense of existential dread.

Ultimately, he got the idea that telling stories through video games would be more interesting than writing about cameras. So he went back to school for an MFA at the University of Southern California’s Interactive Media and Game Design program. While taking classes, he worked in community health and learned a lot about STDs (the true reason we hired him). As a student, Steve worked on projects that were featured at the Sundance Film Festival, Independent Games Festival, and IndieCade among others.

Steve has worked at Tango and Hidden Variable studios before being brought home to Squanch Games. He got his start in the industry showcasing his work at IndieCade, where he met one of his future game industry employers. He claims the key to breaking into the industry is showing a lot of passion by begging, pleading and drooling.

Speaking of drool, Steve loves chicken McNuggets. Like, REALLY loves them. He has a 3rd stomach just for nuggets. (This is not an ad for a large fast food chain that shall not be named.) His other hobbies include “making poor life choices” and playing awesome tactical RPG’s and 2D fighting games. Some of his favorites are Final Fantasy 6, Invisible Inc., Final Fantasy Tactics, Her Story, Undertale, and the BlazBlue series.


Do you want to join Steve and the rest of the Squanch crew to make confusing, obscene and hilarious VR games? Check out our recently updated jobs page!