PAX East 2019 RECAP

WOW-EE PAX East is over…

The love for Trover was out of this universe and our tum tums are filled with the warm fuzzies from it all! Big phat thank you to everyone that came out to see us at PAX East this past weekend.

If you weren’t able to join us on Thursday, check out the video of our Comedy in Games panel hosted by Justin Roiland. We had some super rad guests from Borderlands 3, Double Fine, Pocket Morty’s, Octodad, and Cyanide & Happiness, PLUS, some previously unreleased trailer concepts from the deepest darkest depths of the Squanch Games vault.

Plus, you’ll be able to find Trover in Pocket Morty’s soon!

These past four days were just jam packed with games and friends. Here are some delicious articles for Trover Saves the Universe which you can pre-order now!

We’re excited about the amount of love and support Trover’s received thus far! Here’s just a taste…

“Trover got more audible, involuntary laughter out of me”. - IGN

”Everything has this strong cohesive sense of belonging.” - UploadVR

“We went hands-on with Trover, and it left us doubled over… in a good way.” - Game Informer

We hope you had the squanchiest of times with us! Get some sleep, eat an orange, and hug your four-legged friend.

Special thanks to Adult Swim for making this such a great PAX East!


-Squanch Games

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