Trover is in the news and that shit ain’t fake!

We have just a few more days until Trover Saves the Universe smacks you in the face and to get you even more hyped here’s some sweet stuff the internet has to say along with some details about FREE DLC content:

“Sometimes I was laughing at the sheer absurdity,” - IGN

“Justin Roiland really wants to make people laugh.” - Variety

“It’s nice to pick up a game where the main character isn’t afraid to talk about friendship, power and farts” - Newsweek

”The characters and the laughs are what drive this game to success.” - Hollywood Reporter

“It looks good, it plays good, and it is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud several times during your adventure.” - SHACKNEWS

“Trover Saves the Universe overall is a great experience and is one of the funniest games I have ever played.” - DualShockers

Did you say DLC?
We sure did and no, we aren’t talking about dingle lickin’ cults…

We’d like to try something new for us with Trover. Instead of lowering the game’s cost over time and charging for new content, we’re going to release new content FOR FREE by keeping Trover at full price for longer than usual. That means, once you’ve purchased the game, you’ll see lots of new Trover adventures coming your way until it doesn’t make sense to do that anymore. U COOL WIT DAT?


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Trover Saves the Universe comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 31, then PC via Steam and Epic Game Store on June 4.


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