Let's Recap

Wow-ee this week has been nuts!

A new game came out…it’s called Trover Saves the Universe…have you heard of it?

It seems like a pretty rad game. Some people said some nice things about. It’s out on PlayStation 4 and PC, totes VR capable but not mandatory. CHECK IT OUT, YO!


There’s a giveaway for an Astro Headset and a copy of Trover happenin’ on our Squanch Twitter.
Pretty sure I gotta mention that there’s no purchase necessary & the submissions end 6/14/19

Want power baby eyes of your own? You can now add them to yo face or yo pet with our cool Snapchat filter. Unlock cool in game content using the filter’s AR features by clicking HERE.

But that’s only this past week…WHAT ABOUT NEXT WEEK?!?


Squanch Games LIVE at E3 2019

We’ll be on YouTube Live at E3 2019 this Sunday at Noon PT chattin’ about Trover for a bit before the craziness of E3 overtakes us all. Then, on Thursday as things are winding down, check out our E3 Coliseum at 1pm PT for more info Trover and the upcoming DLCs. If you can’t make it in person watch it live here.

Did we mention the free DLC enough? Cause it’s a thing! D! L! C! Fo Free.

Art by Alex Pardee

We hope you are having fun playing Trover!
If you run into any problems please check out our support page and our FAQ.

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-Squanch Games