E3 was fun, yo!

We went to E3!

Last week was a big week in gaming! We had various Squanchies adventuring around the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.
They all talked about different aspects of the game as well as general Squanch-i-ness.

Watch Tanya and Erich chat with Geoff Keighley @
YouTube Live at E3

Watch a panel play and chat about Trover @
E3 Coliseum with Justin Roiland

We even had a squad over at Mixer! This gang of hooligans included Steve Cha, the narrative designer responsible for Mr. Pop-Up.


It can’t be said enough you guys, mostly because we don’t want you to forget, there’s more Trover on the way! We're hard at work on NEW ADVENTURES that'll start rolling out as FREE DLC for anyone who owns the game later this year -- tell your friends.

Still not convinced? Here’s Justin himself playing a bit to get ya in the mood ;)

That’s all for now, get back to saving the universe!
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