Having Fun with Jopo?

Who’s Jopo?

Recently we asked people to guess a character and oddly enough, no one guessed Jopo? Which is weird because this should of been super easy. He’s the main character of Jopo Saves the Universe!


Jopo came out just a little bit ago and we’ve been hype about the positive responses thus far. We’re very excited for you to see what we’ve been cookin up but in the mean time we think it might be a good time for another playthrough. I mean, if you don’t remember who Jopo is, how can you be prepared for the free content we’re workin’ on?

Make sure your game is up to date! Seriously… update that shit.
We rolled out a new patch for PC/PS4 which includes some important bug fixes along with a limited time event. Now go load up some Jopo Saves the Universe and refresh that brain noodle of yours.

Also, hey, I think you might have missed a trophy/achievement?
Need ya back at 100%, buddy!
Don’t panic though, Jopo can help.

Why are you still reading this? Go play Jopo!


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