Smubbler Letters

Not too long ago we shared our Smubbler page, a site where you could share with us what makes your smubbler rosy (besides Trover’s FREE DLC coming out Oct. 8th).

We got a handsy handful of interesting submissions and thought it would be fun to share and respond to a few gems.


From: E. S.

About Your Smubbler: Mmmmmm them Green Power Babys really get my Smubbler Rosey......and High....

SQ: Leave those babies alone! They’re babies for f*ck sake…

From: M. J.

About Your Smubbler: Nothing rosies up my smubbler more than tricking a couple of shmos into murdering my cannibalistic neighbor so that I can give them a magical crystal from my ass.

SQ: Sounds like you got some zoning law problemos

From: C. X.

About Your Smubbler: One day in boarding school I inhaled 15 pounds of premium propane, my smubbler was popping off that day ,I’ll tell you what.

SQ: Tell me what

From: D. H.

About Your Smubbler: Nothing makes my smubbler more rosy than piss and shit and poop and pee and yellow shit and diarrhea and pissy shit and poop. Poopy shit and piss everywhere.

SQ: Ant prisoner #5! How did you get out??

From: P. H.

About Your Smubbler: It's blue and incredibly soft

SQ: …the blue power babies go in your eye holes or your controller. Please do not place them elsewhere, they don’t like that

From: C. G.

About Your Smubbler: The really little crumbs at the bottom of a Nach Cheese Doritos bag

SQ: That’s crumbelievable! …aw cheese, that was a crumby joke wasn’t it?

From: M. H.

About Your Smubbler: What is a Smubbler?

SQ: Kinda like a dinkle or a shrungle


Thanks for the chuckles (and some night terrors)…

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