You're Breathtaking

This week Squanch did something super doopey-duper special…

Justin and Tanya formed Squanch Games back in 2016 and since then it has operated from two locations.
This week was the first time since the birth of Squanch that the entire dev team, from both the west and east coast, were able to get together in one place to celebrate the launch of our game
Trover Saves the Universe.

The last 4 days were JAM packed with secret silliness as we teamed up in a studio game jam before finishing with a big ‘ol “WE DID IT” party.
- And we couldn’t have done any of this without you. -

I mean…we could have totally gotten drunk on our own…but like not in a celebratory manner, ya know?

So from our Squanchy family to yours - Thank You!

Image from iOS (3).jpg

This was our big celebration before jumping head first into DLC. We are excited to bring you more Trover adventures and we will drop the dirty deets as soon as we can!

Image from iOS.jpg

In the meantime, KEEP ON TROVER-ING!
If you run into any problems please check out our support page and our FAQ.

If you want a cool place to hang out and talk about all your favorite squanchy things…
Join your fellow Squanchies in our Reddit and/or Discord!


-Squanch Games