Do you like and make video games? Do you think VR is a major stepping stone for defining the FUTURE? Do you like bringing joy to people's lives? You're in the right place.

You may have some game dev experience, or you may be a VR adventurer, but either way, you need to be crazy passionate about what makes games awesome in VR and learning the latest tech and methods that make best use of the platform. 

We are a small start-up, so expect all of the things that come with small start-up life. Namely: Working with some of the most creative names in the biz, expectation to step into roles that may make you uncomfortable, but are required for making good, and having major impact in the creation and building of a superfun VR studio.

Location: We encourage folks who live in or are able to relocate to Los Angeles County, CALIFORNIA or Wake County, NORTH CAROLINA to apply. If you are not willing to be in these places, we may be open to remote candidates in the future, but not at this time.

If you don't see a position of your exact fit: We're always looking for talented and passionate artists, designers, and programmers, so if that sounds like you, send your resume and/or portfolio here: workwithus@squanchgames.com

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We are looking for both senior design and design folks to lead the studio in the translation of great ideas into thoughtful communication and action. Our highest priority hire will be for the senior designer in this role, but if you’re a bit less seasoned but have a great portfolio, please don’t be afraid to submit an application. We’re looking for fresh thinking and ideas as the VR space gets pioneered, so try us!

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What a time to be alive. Our studio is pretty animation and stylistic art-forward. This means that you’ll be in good company with folks who want to make amazing looking translations of 2D stylized art into awesome and integrated 3D experiences in VR. Our goal is to be all about the personality of our characters within fantastical worlds, so if this sounds like you, take a look at our roles below.

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Imagine if an improv group met a game company and they shared a beer.  Our goal is to make moments which entertain and delight our players with new experiences throughout the entire game.  

We’re building a set of reusable tools and technology to reduce the time between coming up with unique one off ideas and getting to play it in the game.  We are looking for flexible minds that are excited to make great VR game experiences for our players. Does that sound like you? Want to work with us? Check out our programming positions below:

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Have you read our other job descriptions? Well then, you know it’s a pretttttayyy creative bunch we’re building over here. That’s where you come in!  We’re looking for eagle eye QA folks who have experience with cross-disciplinary, push-the-envelope teams. You’re not just spending time in the build every day, but helping to define best bug-writing practices, managing internal & external QA, triaging bugs on the reg & being the conduit between an army of bugs and the brave devs who fix them. Check out our open positions below!