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Programming Lead/Tech Director

As lead programmer, you will be instrumental in the execution of the game design, tech and gameplay in VR. That means setting up the team from the beginning, figuring out the build process, setting the tech standards, you know, the fun stuff! You should have a mind that always seeks out to do the right thing for the project and are great at making tradeoffs when they are required. You are:

  • Quality Driven and Proactive: You have a high bar of quality for your code and your code team and you don't wait for instructions on how to make it better
  • Supportive and Collaborative:  You know that the best work comes from a team who trusts and respects each other. You strive to collaborate with others and don’t care whose ideas win. Best ideas win
  • Flexible and Iterative: We've got a lot to figure out and you're OK with taking a few paths to get there
  • Experienced: You probably have experience in game development, specifically as a lead programmer or tech director prior
  • Curious and passionate: You read and/or play games most days. You know what’s going on in the world of VR and can’t wait to talk to others about it.

You will:

  • Be in charge of technical vision and direction
  • Setup a development team, practices, and processes from the ground up
  • A master of C++ and object oriented programming
  • Need to act as an individual contributor: You delight in writing code and contributing to the project as much as making others successful.
  • Be able to assess, prioritize, and estimate features
  • Have a bit of a designer brain: You can support the design team with suggestions and knowledge of best practices in order to avoid unnecessary missteps.

If this sounds like you, please email your resume and cover letter with the subject Lead Programmer Application to: workwithus@squanchgames.com