The Team


Justin grew up in Manteca, California where he did the basic stuff children do. Later in life, he traveled to Los Angeles. Once settled in, he created several popular online shorts for Channel 101. Some notable examples of his work (both animated and live action) include House of Cosbys and Two Girls One Cup: The Show. Justin is afraid of his mortality and hopes the things he creates will make lots of people happy. Then maybe when modern civilization collapses into chaos... (MORE)


TANYA WATSON - Co-Founder and CEO

Tanya grew up in the small town of Spanaway, WA and grew up with a love of video games. She got her start in the industry with a sweet gig as a tester in the RPG group at Microsoft and then parlayed into production at Epic Games after working as a test-lead on Gears of War. Over the next ten years, she worked her way up from Associate Producer to Executive Producer on Unreal Tournament 3, Gears 2 and 3, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite...(MORE)

MIKEY SPANO - Lead Artist

Mikey is a Raleigh game industry veteran of well over a decade. He’s been creating badass art in video games since he was 18 years old for the likes of Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Bitmonster (a company he helped to create!) You can find his work in Gears of War 1-3, Unreal Tournament 3, Shadow Complex, Fortnite, Lili, Grav, and many other titles.

In addition to filling our eyeholes with crazy mind-blowing art in our favorite games... (MORE)

Jeff Dixon.jpg

JEFF DIXON - Technical Lead

Jeff Dixon comes to us from Riot Games where he was a Senior Software Engineer on the little-known MOBA, League of Legends. Jeff has worked on over 20 titles across consoles, handhelds, and PC. His first industry interview was at Looking Glass, where he demoed an early version of System Shock. During the demo, the network went down and he fixed it for them on the spot. Job offer immediately acquired... (MORE)


ERICH MEYR - Lead Designer

Before Little Splzooshly lured him in with our elaborate trap job listing he worked as a designer at Insomniac Games for 8 years. He’s been a part of Resistance 2 & 3, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Sunset Overdrive, and Song of the Deep.

Erich grew up on an avocado farm in California and went to school for Biological Studies. He is also a self-professed cat whisperer... (MORE)

JD CRAGG - Senior Artist

JD grew up in the small town of Clayton, Georgia and knew by the age of 15 that he wanted to be a 3D artist. He got started making 3D models for Battlefield 1942 mods and then went on to get a degree at Full Sail University for Computer Animation. He got a job working for Ubisoft Red Storm right out of the gate and stayed there for the past 8 years, until joining Tanya and Justin on their quest for VR greatness. He was the Lead Weapons, Vehicles, and Character Artist on Tom Clancy’s The Division... (MORE)

MYKE CHILIAN - Senior Concept Artist

Myke is great. Myke makes art.

ANDREW DELANGE - Concept Artist

Andrew is an equally impressive artist.