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Systems Programmer Test


1. Take your favorite scene from Rick and Morty.  Walk through at a high level *what systems would be needed to support a VR game experience.* We are looking for a solid understanding of all needed systems.  

Haven't watched Rick & Morty? I would watch Season 1 Ep 01 or Season 1 Ep 08

2. Pick your favorite game. How would you improve it? Do you see any challenges in making this improvement?

3. Write the following function in C assuming that you don’t have access to any of the standard string library functions.

int CountNumWordsInString(const char* InString);

For the sake of time, you can assume input is only A-Z and spaces.  No special characters.  The input doesn’t need to be a proper english sentence.

Here are some examples:

“A BIG DOG” returns 3

“A” returns 1

“  BC “ returns 1 *



If this looks like fun and you'd like to apply for our systems programmer position, please do so here: