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We’re looking for someone who can be the right hand of the Studio Director in executing the vision of our first title. This person lives and breathes quality and innovation and is great at getting to the bottom of what makes a great tradeoff in doing so. You are:

  • An amazing communicator.
  • Great at providing structure to ambiguity: Real talk. Game development is sometimes a whole lot of questions and not answers, but you thrive in conditions where you structure a way to find those answers.
  • A problem solver: You don’t just identify problems, but come up with creative solutions to overcome.
  • Proactive and collaborative: You know that the best work comes from a team who trusts and respects each other. You strive to collaborate with others and don’t care whose ideas win. Best ideas win.
  • A lover of VR and the potential of the platform: You may fancy yourself a bit of a futurist. You know what the latest excellent ways are to interact with the world and what experiences blow people’s minds and you can’t wait to make more of them.

You will:

  • Own the execution of the schedule with the team
  • Use the appropriate production methodology to ensure that the team has clarity in goals and the path to accomplishing them whether through agile, waterfall, kanban, etc.
  • Ensure the team feels empowered in achieving their work and is a part of the schedule creation/task breakdowns to ensure we deliver on-time and at a high quality bar
  • Be our canary in the coal mine - unafraid to identify and communicate where we stand and what may be in the way of success
  • Have a great understanding of our development pipelines and if those are not well developed, to work with the lead to better understand them and organize their teams.
  • Be a great translator between all of the team members

If this sounds like you, please apply here: