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Senior QA Engineer

We’re building out our QA team at Squanch Games and need someone who is ready to lay down the cornerstone.  Though you’ll be working on one project to start, we’re looking for you to set up process, tools and best practices that will be used for years to come. Your voice & experience will be essential to helping us make the best games possible. Also, we’re making VR games so you need to be comfortable in a headset for extended periods of time.  

You are:

  • Experienced: You have experience in game development on one or many platforms (Console, Mobile, PC, etc.), specifically as a Senior QA Engineer. You have experience with short & long, big & small project cycles and are comfortable with the tools, language & process of “finaling” games. Bonus points if you’re a Cert nerd or you RTFM
  • Curious and passionate: You read about and/or play games most days. You know what’s going on in the world of games and VR and can’t wait to talk to others about it
  • Collaborative and humble: You know that the best work comes from a team who trusts and respects each other. You strive to collaborate with others and don’t care whose ideas win. Best ideas win.
  • Tech-friendly: We need folks who are flexible and willing to dive in and make changes when necessary, so you are comfortable with game engines, editors, and your suite of tools. Maybe you’ve even written a few batch files in your day!
  • A lover of VR and the potential of the platform: You may fancy yourself a bit of a futurist. You know what the latest excellent ways are to interact with the world and what experiences blow people’s minds and you can’t wait to make more of them.

You will:

  • Work as QA on a medium-size VR title
  • Work directly with Production to log, triage & regress all bugs, big & small, in great detail (experience in Jira a plus!)
  • Be an individual contributor and self-starter: You don’t wait around for someone to tell you what to do
  • Take direction & criticism - it’s super important that small teams are able to trust and respect each other and sometimes that means having difficult conversations. We’re looking for folks who not only give feedback, but seek it
  • Be a source of truth and knowledge base for what works, what is broken, what rules & what sucks about the game RIGHT NOW
  • Help with the formation of our internal QA team as well as manage outsourced / external QA
  • Play to your strengths and not be afraid to admit your weaknesses

If this sounds like you, apply here!