Meet Brent Kennedy

Meet Brent Kennedy


Our games are crammed with crazy creatures and characters, and our newest Junior Animator Brent Kennedy is helping to bring them to life.  When he's not animating, Brent likes to hang out and riff commentary on bad films or play D&D with friends from college. Oh, and he likes to make puns.  In fact, you'll probably hear him making puns even if he's animating. Don't believe me? Just ask his Game-of-Thrones-named pet cat, Lady Catelyn.

Brent started animating in the Team Fortress 2 community and made stuff using the free animation software, Source Filmmaker.  For Valve's 2013 annual short film competition, he and his friends made an adorable TF2-themed short film that earned him a trip to Valve HQ--his first taste of the game industry!

He went on to major in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design and worked on TF2 community projects in-between classes.  His biggest project? A game update for Team Fortress 2 that was entirely created by the community.  He animated for this trailer and this in-game taunt.  Some really out-of-this-world work.

After his graduation, Brent was on the hunt for his first studio animator job and Squanch Games was on the hunt for a fresh animator to join our super fun squanch-fest.  An interview later, and he's been inflicting his puns on the office ever since.

Some other fun facts about our friend: He grew up in the riverside city of Bucksport, Maine. His favorite games are either team-based multiplayer shooters like Left 4 Dead 2 and Overwatch, or single-player RPGs like Mass Effect, Bioshock and Prey.

Are YOU a super-talented someone like Brent, but haven’t applied for one of these incredible Squanch jobs yet? What are you even doing!? Hurry up! We need you.